Always Be Prepared with the Right Medical Cart

Hemorrhage CartWhether you are in the Labor and Delivery unit, Emergency Department or the OR, time is always a valuable resource. As such, your team requires a fully featured medical cart so you are able to administer the proper and correct treatments at a moment’s notice. Creche Innovations has responded to the increasing demands of an ever-changing medical industry by making the “Best™ Hemorrhage Cart” available.

A Hemorrhage Cart that is Ready for Any Situation

The Best™ Hemorrhage Cart has proven to be an indispensable tool in both emergency care and obstetrics. Designed for high mobility and portability, it provides quick and convenient access to essential medical supplies.

The Best™ Hemorrhage Cart is the only Hemorrhage cart on the market with built-in refrigeration. As such, it facilitates rapid access to medication, surgical instruments and supplies and comes standard with built-in task lighting and mobile ultrasound capabilities. It is specially designed for high mobility, dependable durability, and temperature quality. Simply put, this cart ensures what you need is ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

Everyday Ease of Use

Hemorrhage Cart in RoomThe Labor and Delivery/Mother Baby units are a fast-paced environment. As such, our cart has been engineered to withstand the everyday conditions and challenges when administering procedures, with emphasis in child delivery and care for the mother. Our cart allows for rapid access to treatment tools, reducing delays in the surgical management of PPH. Additional accessories include:

  • Digital Lock
  • Keycard Locking
  • Fluid Tray System
  • Shelving System
  • Drawer Divider with Optional Lids
  • Waste Container
  • Sharps Container
  • Folding Procedure Wings
  • Antimicrobial Drawer Pulls

Industry-Recognized MicroCool™ Technology

Doctor & Nurses Running with CartKeep your vital medications and fluids safe. The Best™ Hemorrhage Cart features proprietary refrigeration technology. The MicroCool™ Refrigerator allows for the storage of temperature-sensitive medications and fluids. MicroCool™ carts are designed with efficiency and performance in mind, allowing for fast temperature recovery and control. Its “whisper-quiet” 35 decibel operation keeps noise levels to a comfortable minimum.

Built to Last with Dependable Support

The Best™ Hemorrhage Cart serves as a dependable platform for the needs of your care team. With its strong construction and versatile capabilities, it will serve you well.

Contact our company to request more information on our medical carts and furniture. We proudly serve clients worldwide.