Below are some simulation videos produced by other entities (which we credit below the video), that we feel are good training videos to help you develop or improve your In Situ Simulation program within your hospital. Remember to always incorporate the RRU (Rapid Response Unit) into all OB In Situ Simulations as this piece of equipment is used during real emergencies within your unit. If you would like to learn more about the RRU and how it is changing the way clinicians response to OB emergencies, please reach out to our Vice President of Clinical Education, Heather Townsend or at 913.948.6290.

Video Gallery

Shoulder Dystocia:

(Credit: Johns Hopkins)

Shoulder Dystocia:

(Credit: Inova Health System)

Postpartum Hemorrhage:

(Credit: Norton Healthcare)

Postpartum Hemorrhage: 

(Credit: Peninsula College)

Postpartum Hemorrhage with Retained Products Simulation:

Postpartum Hemorrhage Requiring Uterine Tamponade:

Postpartum Hemorrhage Requiring Uterotonics:

(Credit: Council on Patient Safety in Women’s Healthcare)

Postpartum Hemorrhage Uterine Atony:

(Credit: Unknown)