The RRU® - Reducing response times by up to 5 minutes

The RRUWhether you are in the Labor and Delivery unit, Emergency Department or the OR, time is always a valuable resource. As such, your team requires a fully featured Rapid Response Unit so you are able to administer the proper and correct treatments at a moment’s notice. Creche Innovations has responded to the increasing demands of an ever-changing medical industry by making The RRU® (Rapid Response Unit) available.

Rapid Response Unit - Ready for Any Situation

The RRU® has proven to be an indispensable tool in both emergency and obstetrical care. The patented all-in-one system is designed for high mobility and portability providing quick and convenient access to all essential medical supplies when treating PPH.

The RRU® is the only Rapid Response Unit on the market with built-in refrigeration. As such, it facilitates rapid access to medication, surgical instruments and supplies and comes standard with built-in LED task lighting, built-in QBL-Scale™, Mobile ultrasound capabilities, offer built-in Biohazard Containment Kit (Joey™ Pouch) and offers a patented double locking design to meet compliance. Simply put, The RRU® is preferred by clinicians ensuring everything you need to quickly treat PPH is ready to be deployed at a moment's notice.

The Creche Innovations Difference

Hemorrhage Cart in RoomCreche Innovations is leading the way to reduced Mortality rates due to PPH with The RRU®. Labor and Delivery, Mother Baby, OR's and Emergency Departments are a fast-paced environments, and therefore, The RRU® has been engineered to withstand everyday conditions and challenges. The RRU® allows for rapid access to treatment tools and reducing delays in the surgical management of PPH. Additional accessories include:

  • Wi-Fi Temperature Monitoring
  • Digital Lock
  • Backup Power Supply
  • Antimicrobial Surfaces
  • IV Pole
  • Keycard Locking System
  • Folding Procedure Wings
  • High Performance Casters

Industry-Recognized MicroCool® Technology

Doctor & Nurses Running with CartKeep your vital medications and fluids safe. The RRU® features proprietary refrigeration technology. The MicroCool® Refrigerator allows for the storage of temperature-sensitive medications and fluids. MicroCool® carts are designed with efficiency and performance in mind, allowing for fast temperature recovery and control. Its “whisper-quiet” 35 decibel operation keeps noise levels to a comfortable minimum.

Built to Last with Dependable Support

The RRU® serves as a dependable platform for the needs of your care team. With its strong construction and versatile capabilities, it will serve you well.

Preferred by Clinicians & Infectious Control

Unrivaled Quality & Concierge Customer Service

Simply Best in Class

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