Creche® In-Line Warmer

The Creche® In-Line Enteral Warmer has it's 510 (k) clearance from the FDA.

The Creche® In-Line Enteral Warmer, which is intended to maintain the body temperature of breast milk that is fed eternally over extended periods of time.

The Creche® In-Line Enteral Warmer provides caregivers a solution that assures 100% of all feedings will be easily and safely administered at "mom's temperature." The proprietary low heat technology assures the entire nutritional value is delivered with every feeding. More importantly, the Creche® In-Line Enteral Warmer protects the babies from unwanted chemical transfers that are potentially leached into feedings when exposed to high heat environments.

The Creche® In-Line Enteral Warmer is the only warmer that supports universal compatibility and is interchangeable with ALL brands of feeding pumps, extension sets and accessories.

IV Blanket®

The IV Blanket® delivers medications and IV fluids at body temperature thus decreasing patient discomfort (i.e. chills) during infusions. It keeps the core body warm during surgical procedures in the operating room.

The IV Blanket® is simple and easy to use. Clinicians report that it is very easy to use, especially during procedures that require rapid response.

The IV Blanket® is a universal device, thus allowing hospitals to use any brand of infusion machine on the market.

* FDA pending