The “All-in-One” Baby Bassinet

Medical RoomUpon a patient’s delivery day, care for the mother and child is of the utmost importance. Ensure your hospital is well-prepared to deliver effective care with the help of Creche Innovations. Our company offers a comprehensive medical furniture option that allows mother and child to remain close to one another, while also making it easier for your staff to administer care for both of them. Our “all-in-one” baby bassinet allows you to save time and energy, while also improving the patient-caregiver experience.

All-in-One Bassinet the Comprehensive Hospital Baby Bed

Medical BassinetWhen caregivers are able to spend more time with their patients at their bedside, then the delivery of care improves. After a baby is delivered, it is important to be able to let the mother and child remain close together. Likewise, having ready access to the necessary supplies empowers your caregivers to provide treatment in a quick and efficient manner. Our hospital baby bed serves the patient, newborn, and caregiver all at once.

The All-in-One Bassinet includes a hospital baby bed and storage drawers. By selecting hospital furniture that serves both the child and caregiver, you are able to make the most out of your space. As a bed, storage, and refrigeration unit all in one, The All-in-One Bassinet provides immediate access to:

  • The Newborn Baby
  • Nutritional Materials
  • Medical Supplies
  • Baby Supplies

Designed with Ease of Use in Mind

Focus on delivering reassuring care. The All-in-One Bassinet was built from the ground-up to be both comfortable and ergonomic. This hospital baby bassinet provides a safe surrounding for newborns in your maternity ward, NICU, or PICU. Since it also has storage and refrigeration capabilities, our bassinet provides quick access to nutritional products and medications, which drastically reduces the risk of errors and mix-ups while administering care.

A newborn is a precious life, which is why we are committed to providing a product that is as easy to use as it is secure. The All-in-One Bassinet includes a solid surface top and antimicrobial surfaces, which reduces the spread of infections. The transparent crib is secured to the top through the use of a locking design, and the casters may also be locked to prevent unnecessary shifting. All storage drawers include locking mechanisms for added safety and security.

Enhanced with MicroCool® Technology

Best Bassinet™The All-in-One Bassinet includes a refrigerated MicroCool® drawer for the storage of temperature-sensitive materials. With features like a handy adjustment dial and a WiFi monitoring system, managing supplies has never been easier. The MicroCool® is also whisper-quiet with an operating noise level rated at below 30 decibels, ensuring both the newborn and mother remain in quiet surroundings.

Optimize your maternal care center with MicroCool® technology. Our representatives are available to host on-site demonstrations so you can see how The All-in-One Bassinet will be a smart addition to your medical equipment roster.

Contact us to request an appointment for an on-site demonstration of our hospital bassinet. We proudly serve clients worldwide.