About Creche Innovations

Creche Innovations (CI) is a medical device company based in Stilwell, Kansas, with a rapidly growing list of proprietary and patented products. Our products offer vast improvements over existing technology and practices. Through our innovative equipment and custom furniture solutions, we have enabled hospitals to make their healthcare services more robust and effective.

Innovation at Work

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Creche Innovations strives to offer the latest innovations in the healthcare industry. Since expanding from NICU, we have developed new products that are fit for patients of all ages. We are committed to working with caregivers so that they can meet the needs of patients and their families. It is our goal to optimize healthcare with quality, life-sustaining products.

Company Vision

Our philosophy behind product development is to provide solutions that are truly innovative and desperately needed. We first survey physicians, clinical staff, biomedical engineering, facilities personnel and administrators to determine what is actually needed in order to provide the best care for patients. As a result, we are innovators in our field. By applying proven, scientific practices throughout the entire development and production process, we bring forward equipment and devices that healthcare professionals need.

After a decade of consistently adhering to these practices, Creche Innovations has earned the reputation of providing quality products and unrivaled customer service. Our standard, two-year warranty program is another testament to our commitment to not only being the best, but “doing what’s best for patients".

Executive Management Team

Creche Innovations is a forward-thinking medical device company with a mission to advance the world of healthcare. Our team possesses incredible industry knowledge and proven expertise. In order to meet the ever-changing demands of healthcare professionals, we are realistic in our business practices.

As part of our strategic direction, all employees are expected to exceed the needs and desires of the clients through visionary thinking and best-in-class customer satisfaction. Our team focuses on developing products that will change healthcare today for a better tomorrow.

Leadership Web

Each team member is committed to integrity and continuing education in the healthcare arena. In conjunction with our sales, development, and manufacturing teams, incredible things are happening every day at Creche Innovations! Thanks to our team-oriented spirit, we lead the way in innovation.

Executive Management Team

Scott A. Norman - CEO and Chairman Board of Directors

Mark Petheram - Executive Vice President and Board of Directors

Heather Fibuch-Townsend, RMSR - Vice President of Clinical Education / Vice President of Healthcare Design

Tony Hash - Director of New Product Development & Engineering

Greg Norman - Director of Operations

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